Evidence-Centered Assessment Design


Authors: Robert J. Mislevy, Linda S. Steinberg, & Russell G. Almond

"Evidence-centered design" (ECD) describes a program of research and application carried out at Educational Testing Service since 1997 by Robert J. Mislevy, Linda S. Steinberg, and Russell G. Almond. The work introduces a principled framework for designing, producing, and delivering educational assessments. Special attention is accorded to assessments that incorporate features (such as complex student models and interactive simulations) that lie beyond the rules-of-thumb and analytic procedures that have evolved over the years to support familiar kinds of assessments. The contribution is not so much a particular advance in statistics, psychology, or forms of assessment as it is in laying out a coherent framework to harness recent developments of these various types toward a common purpose. This summary document gives an overview of the work.

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