From Digital Campus to Connected Community


Lev Gonick was named one of this year's premier 100 CIOs by ComputerWorld Magazine and last year's CIOs to watch by InformationWeek. So, what's he up to in the frozen tundra on the shores of Lake Erie at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland? Read his blog and join readers both inside and outside the academy to find out. One of Gonick's major projects is known as OneCleveland—a big, bold, 21st-century community-oriented project that delivers advanced information technology capabilities to achieve community priorities for economic development, learning, job training, research support, and preeminence and distinction. Last month, he joined an invitational group in Stockholm at Nobel Week to share the OneCleveland story with dignitaries from around the world on the theme of the relationship between technology on campus and the broader community. Join Gonick for a wide-ranging conversation on OneCleveland topics and the role of the university and technology in the 21st-century community.

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