Innovation, Learning, and Learning Spaces


In this web seminar, Malcolm Brown, will explore the concept of innovation and critical role that innovation plays in teaching and learning effectiveness.

More so than any other aspect of higher education, Brown says, learning continues to undergo rapid and far-reaching changes. This is due to a confluence of factors, such as the powerful emergence of the social web, mobile technologies that are more powerful and affordable, changes in the expectations of our students and younger faculty, and the impact of the insights of constructivist learning theory. These factors influence all of our learning designs, including learning practices, learning applications, and certainly learning spaces. In short, it seems to be a domain calling for almost constant innovation. The need to think creatively and to innovate will remain a fundamental part of our work to support higher education learning for some time to come.

In this session, we will look into the concept of innovation. Using some recent publications on this topic, we will explore what innovation is and is not. We‘ll explore what helps innovation and makes it constructive, and what hinders it and renders it ineffective. The goal of this session will be to gain some insight into our own practices and to come away with ideas as to how we can improve those practices.

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