Games in Education: Realizing Opportunities and Overcoming Obstacles


The potential for games to augment traditional education and create entirely new learning opportunities is seemingly endless. But along with its new opportunities, educational gaming also brings a host of new challenges for educators to consider. How do I design and assess an educational game? How can I support educational gaming, in a single class or for an entire institution? How do I even get started?

In this session, Andy and Chris will discuss these questions and many others as they share their experiences bringing educational gaming to Harrisburg and Penn State Universities. They'll explore and share examples of the many ways that educational games can be played, from traditional web games to cutting-edge alternate reality. They'll discuss common myths about educational gaming, share some of their best (and worst) practices, and even take a look into the future. From design to institutional support and everything in between, this session will discuss all things educational gaming.

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