Bring Data: Analytics, Outcomes, and the Role of IT Leadership


Fully 40 years ago, the President's Task Force on Higher Education (the Newman Commission) challenged education leaders to address critical questions about "efficiency" in higher education: "Questions about efficiency lead to a host of questions about teaching and learning, and the ultimate questions about the nature and purpose of higher education. These are too important to colleges and universities—and too intellectually challenging—to be dismissed as illegitimate." Great strides in technology notwithstanding, the questions posed by the Newman Commission in 1971 remain continuing challenges today, especially for IT leaders and advocates. ELI’s conversation with Kenneth C. Green of The Campus Computing Project will focus on the distance traveled, the progress made, and challenges ahead as campuses continue to invest in IT to support both instruction and operations and attempt to leverage their IT investments for data, information, and insight about instructional impacts and educational outcomes.

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