Electronic Records Management Toolkit


Members of the Higher Education Information Security Council crated this toolkit to provide a practical set of resources that will assist members of the higher education community in addressing related issues of electronic records management, e-discovery, and data retention on their own campuses.

We all create and use information every day. Taking care of that information (in all its many forms) is an effort requiring shared responsibility by each member of a specific community. Just figuring out where to start and what needs to be done can be a time-consuming task.

Some institutions have done a lot of work in this area, while others have just gotten started, and still others have done little or nothing. We all have an opportunity to learn from and share with each other. This set of resources is intended to be a collaborative and evolving effort. Please use this forum to share what you have done! It might be just what someone else is looking for. This toolkit will provide valuable information on the following areas;

  • Background information on this issue
  • Help getting started
  • Examples of what others are doing


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