Research Computing and Data Capabilities: A Tool for Assessment and Improvement


The range of academic fields and disciplines depending on research computing and data infrastructure and services is expanding and becoming increasingly diverse. But how do you gauge how well your institution is meeting current demands, as well as where it might make improvements? The Research Computing and Data Capabilities Model allows institutions to assess their support for computationally- and data-intensive research and as an input into strategic decision making and organizational planning. The model was developed by a diverse group of institutions with a range of support models, in a collaboration among Internet2, CaRCC, and EDUCAUSE, and consists of a usage guide and online assessment tool. Learn in this webinar more about the Research Computing and Data Capabilities Model and how it can be used at your institution, as well as engage in a conversation about how this common community model can help facilitate communications and collaboration in this space. This webinar is hosted by the EDUCAUSE Research Computing and Data Community Group.

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