2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Data Governance

2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Data Governance

Data processes play a foundational role in just about every professional discipline, and data stakeholders all over the world are grappling with modernizing and optimizing data governance policies and practices. In this rapidly evolving landscape, what challenges will higher education face, and how will we rise to meet those challenges? How can we leverage our individual and collective expertise to create innovative and durable data governance solutions?

Approaching these questions with a spirit of hope and optimism, a panel of higher education data and analytics experts from a range of institution types assembled to describe an optimized future of data governance, focusing on a 10-year timescale. Building on the trends, technologies, and practices described in the 2022 Horizon Report: Data and Analytics Edition, the panel crafted its vision of the future along with practical action items the data and analytics community can employ to make this future data management planning a reality.


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Goals for Our Future State

Line with Culture at the left end, Workforce in the middle, and Processes at the right end

Asked to describe the goals and elements of higher education data governance that they would like to see 10 years from now, panelists collaboratively constructed their preferred future.

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Line with More Impactful at the left end and Less Impactful at the right end

Panelists generated a list of actions for the data governance community to arrive at this preferred future in 10 years. Every institution has its own unique needs and challenges, but the community as a whole can work together to effect change. From smaller workforce and operational changes, to large cultural shifts, everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

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Planning for the Road Ahead

Two sets of Actions boxes: Easy and Difficult. Each set has a box for Short Term, one for Mid Term and One for Long Term. An arrow through all the boxes points to a final large box labelled: Goals and elements of the future you want to make. Copyright 2018 Institute for the Future. All rights reserved. SR-2012 | CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Envisioning the future we want is an important element of action planning, but real progress can only be made when individuals like you make things happen. Use the following activities to solidify your vision of the future and make plans to take action.

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Expert Panel

The 2023 Horizon Action Plan panel comprised 9 higher education data and analytics experts.

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