Data Does Networking


Since the beginning of computing back in the '50s, we've been doing data. But, my have times changed! Today, data moves at 100 megabits (Whatever that is!) and everybody is doing their own LANs. Driven by the garage-born micro, the users are extending the power of computing into the workplace by doing much of their own "networking" with a child-like faith that they ought to be able to do data as easy as making phone calls. Well, why not?The purpose of this paper is to present current information, in layman's terms, about networking and data communications--the range of options open to us and indications of what campuses are doing with this communications technology. It is not designed as a techie paper.In January 1990, CAUSE published a voice communications professional paper entitled "An Information Technology Manager's Guide to Campus Phone Operations." In some respects this is a "sequel" except for the fact that it is data-oriented. So, look to learn about topology, media, compatability, LAN software, and like stuff. Experts need not attend!

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