Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to computer systems that undertake tasks usually thought to require human cognitive processes and decision-making capabilities. The higher education community is starting to incorporate AI into the most basic of student interactions, chat bots to answer common questions. Explore further uses in our 7 Things You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning.

Machine learning (ML), which is a subset of AI, is becoming an effective student success and retention tool on campus. Machine learning concerns teaching machines to learn about something without explicit programming. Read more on" Machine Learning and Higher Education", EDUCAUSE Review.

What is ChatGPT? Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, commonly called ChatGPT, is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. And it is causing much concern for those in the education community. Explore the resources included in our Member QuickTalk | GPT: The Generative AI Revolution to learn more.

Also check out NPR's article on ChatGPT "A new AI chatbot might do your homework for you. But it's still not an A+ student", the Metasite AI in HIgher Ed,  and JISC's National Centre for AI in tertiary education.

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