Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the simulation human intelligence in machines or computers that are programmed to undertake tasks usually thought to require human cognitive processes and decision-making capabilities. AI has been in use in higher education for some time, common uses of AI span across the campus, including in personalized learning, virtual assistants and chatbots, learning analytics, grading, language translation, content and syllabus creation, research and the admissions process.   The greatest AI concern at the moment is the use of Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, commonly called ChatGPT, is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022 that has exploded across the education sector. 

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The Basics of AI in Higher Education

 AI on Campus

EDUCAUSE is looking for institutional policies, approaches to procurement, institutional websites, or other guidance related to the application of generative AI on campus. Please share AI policy information from your campus in this form.

AI Classroom Use and Policies


Recent Spotlight

  • A Framework for AI Literacy

    A Framework for AI Literacy

    Academic and technologies teams at Barnard College developed an AI literacy framework to provide a conceptual foundation for AI education and programming efforts in higher education institutional contexts.
  • 2024 EDUCAUSE AI Landscape Study

    2024 EDUCAUSE AI Landscape Study

    This report summarizes higher education’s experiences related to AI strategic planning and readiness, policies and procedures, workforce, and its future.

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