2024 EDUCAUSE AI Landscape Study

2024 EDUCAUSE AI Landscape Study


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Moving from reaction to action, higher education stakeholders are currently exploring the opportunities afforded by AI for teaching, learning, and work while maintaining a sense of caution for the vast array of risks AI-powered technologies pose. To aid in these efforts, we present this inaugural EDUCAUSE AI Landscape Study, in which we summarize the higher education community’s current sentiments and experiences related to strategic planning and readiness, policies and procedures, workforce, and the future of AI in higher education.

Strategic Planning and Readiness

Primary Motivators for AI-Related Strategic Planning
Bar chart showing motivators for AI-related strategic planning: The rise of student use of AI in their courses (73%), Risks of inappropriate uses of these technologies (68%), Concern about ‘falling behind’ in adopting these technologies (59%), Faculty enthusiasm for AI (55%), Institutional leadership interest in AI (51%), Board of directors/trustees interest in AI (11%), Alumni interest in AI (3%), Don't know (8%), Other (8%).

AI-related strategic planning is primarily motivated by institutions’ need to keep up with the rapid uptake of AI tools.

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Strategic Leaders and Partners

Impressions of Institutional Leaders’ General Attitude toward AI, by Job Role
Stacked bar chart showing impressions of leadership attitudes toward AI for four job roles: Executive leader (very cautious/cautious, 12%; mix of caution and enthusiasm, 52%; very enthusiastic/enthusiastic, 29%; indifferent, 5%; don’t know/other, 2%); Manager/director (24%, 42%, 21%, 8%, 5%); Professional/staff (27%, 39%, 17%, 8%, 9%); Faculty (26%, 36%, 13%, 13%, 13%).

Institutional leaders are cautiously optimistic about AI.

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Policies and Procedures

Impact of AI on Institutional Policies
Bar chart showing the impact of AI on institutional policies: Existing policies are being revised and new policies are being created. (24%), Policies have not been impacted by AI. (22%), Existing policies are being revised. (21%), New policies are being created. (13%), Don’t know (20%).

Institutional policies are being revised and created to address AI-related issues.

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Workforce and the Future of AI in Higher Education

AI-Related Workforce Changes
Stacked bar chart showing importance to remote and on-campus work options: How important to you is it to have remote/hybrid options for work? Not at all or somewhat unimportant (15%), Moderately important (24%), Very important (61%); How important to you is it to have on-campus options for work? Not at all or somewhat unimportant (27%), Moderately important (30%), Very important (43%)

AI is just starting to make an impact on the higher ed workforce.

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