Research in many forms is a crucial part of the higher education community.  Explore library resources on research data collection, sharing and use in higher education.  The collection includes articles, interviews, papers and presentations.


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  • Effective Cybersecurity for Research

    Effective Cybersecurity for Research

    This paper describes an approach to cybersecurity for research that is showing great promise in breaking the security versus research impasse. A product of years of effort at Indiana University, it focuses exclusively on the researcher and the research mission, reduces the cybersecurity and compliance burden on the researcher, and aims to secure all research.
  • 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Generative AI

    2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Generative AI

    This report describes an ideal future for generative AI in higher education, drawing on the insights of a small panel of teaching and learning higher education experts, focusing on a 10-year timescale.

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