The strategic use of information technology has the ability to transform teaching and learning helping institutions realize EDUCAUSE’s mission to "advance higher education through the use of information technology." All institutions have made educating learners a critical priority. Technology is a means, not an end, toward that goal.

EDUCAUSE focuses on understanding learners, aligning learning principles and practices together and integrating learning technology—all with the goal of improving student success. The strategic use of information technology can enhance student engagement, improve access, and make services more convenient. As IT is integrated into the academic enterprise, a number of other issues are raised such as financing, policies, faculty involvement, and assessment.

Looking to develop leadership skills and abilities to support your institution's teaching and learning mission, consider attending the EDUCAUSE Digital Learning Leaders Institute.

We encourage you to explore EDUCAUSE’s resources on teaching and learning. These include the work of our members as well as material the from the EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning Program , We hope you will find the material of use and encourage you to contribute to future EDUCAUSE activities in teaching and learning.

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