Higher Education Generative AI Readiness Assessment

The Higher Education Generative AI Readiness Assessment, done in partnership with Amazon Web Services, a 2024 EDUCAUSE Mission Partner, is designed to provide a sense of your institution’s preparedness for strategic AI initiatives. Use the assessment to develop an understanding of the current state and the potential of generative AI at your institution, and as an opportunity for discussion with others.

This assessment can be approached in multiple ways:

  • Individually: Any individual at an institution can complete the assessment. If the assessment will be completed in either or both of the team approaches, having one person fill it out and act as the “expert” to guide the process will likely benefit the process.
  • With your IT team: Use the self-assessment as a group exercise with a small group of IT staff to start to hear different perspectives on your organization. You might find that others see your institution’s generative AI readiness differently. This exercise can also be a conversation starter for ways to better align IT efforts with institutional strategy and mission.
  • With a cross-functional team: The self-assessment can be a powerful tool for helping other institutional stakeholders understand generative AI readiness and for sparking conversation about it. Completing the assessment with a cross-functional group creates an opportunity to talk about institutional challenges and goals and how you might collectively address them.

We recommend that one person complete the self-assessment to get an understanding of the institution’s readiness and become familiar with the elements of the assessment before using it with others.

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