Managing The Network


Once you have strung the wires and created a network, or multiple networks, you soon find that there are many administrative tasks that need to be performed. Compounding this problem is the various perceptions that different groups of individuals have of the network. From the user's point of view they want an easy to use, reliable, inexpensive way to utilize the network. The people who wire the network are concerned about keeping track of where all the wire goes and how to fix breaks. The people who design the network are concerned about gateways, protocol converters, and traffic throughput. All of these individuals may not be interacting with each other for the good of the total network performance.These problems grow bigger and bigger as the network grows and departments want to connect their computers to gain access to the campus network and all of its capabilities. To truly manage a network involves a lot of coordination, direction, and just plain work. This paper will discuss how The Ohio State University has approached the management functions of a large campus network.

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