Implementation of a Voice, Video, and Data Backbone Network


Monroe Community College is committed to the strategic goal of the advancement of technology within the institution. To that end, the use of information technologies has actively been promoted throughout the academic and administrative communities of the College.MCC is challenged with supporting an anticipated four-fold increase in demand for voice, data, and video services as a result of a steady and dramatic increase in the overall student population, additional campus locations, and an increased use of network services for instructional purposes.It is the College's desire to support this increase in demand, and the need to interact and share information between any device, anywhere, by enhancing the College's current network environment. This will be accomplished through the implementation of a new, high speed integrated campus voice, video and data communications backbone network capable of supporting a wide variety of communications technologies and protocols.MCC is under way with implementation of this project, and would like to present a case study background to share our experience with others who are interested in pursuing implementation of an integrated network environment. The presentation will highlight a historical summary of the network, including where the institution was when the project began, where it is now, and where it expects to be when the project is complete.

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