Partnering Within the Institution and Beyond


July 1994 marked the beginning of an aggressive campaign at Virginia Tech to replace approximately 30 core administrative applications - moving from a mainframe to a server-based environment in a 3-5 year period. This paper describes the reasons Virginia Tech officials felt this aggressive implementation schedule was essential, and how the institution is approaching the many project management issues associated with such an effort. The initiative involves partnering with several different university offices, users, state agencies and both hardware and software vendors. Redirecting personnel and providing a comprehensive training program dedicated to the administrative system project has been a major factor for implementation. In addition, re-engineering efforts to promote change in business processes to better "fit' software solutions is important in meeting project goals. This will be a project that will impact how Virginia Tech functions, and is projected to provide more efficient and effective processes to better serve customer needs. It's an exciting project that will have its obstacles, but Virginia Tech officials are confident of success. Paper presented at CAUSE94, the full proceedings of which are available through this Library as PUB1094.

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