Spreading Technology Around: An Investment in Tomorrow


Sacred Heart University, a private liberal arts comprehensive university in southwestern Connecticut, has, over the past seven years, established partnerships with various educational institutions and school systems for both teacher and student enhancement in the science and technology areas. Those who have benefited include teachers grades K-12 and students both in inner city, private, and suburban settings in grades 4-12.The programs established for this purpose include the following: 1) SMARTNET 2000 and SMART Center for teacher enhancement in the areas of science and mathematics education and the use of technology; 2) Project 2000 and Saturday Hispanic Academy for students; 3) The Institute of Computer Technology, a series of workshop offerings in state-of-the-art software for the corporate and municipal employee; 4) Volunteer programs on computer literacy for inner city and suburban students as well as for retired senior citizens.All programs were established with the goal of preparing teachers, student, and future leaders with the technology of today in order to face tomorrow's challenges. Without partnerships, none of this would have materialized. Paper presented at CAUSE94, the full proceedings of which are available through this Library as PUB1094.

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