Beyond the Internet: Integrating Print, Electronic and Web Resources for Users on the WWW Gateway to Information


Researchers, in their enthusiasm for the Internet, often overlook more relevant materials available in print and electronic format. How can libraries guide users to the most relevant information resource for their information needs, regardless of format? The WWW Gateway to Information, a computer system created by The Ohio State University Libraries in 1989, has been expanded to address the total research needs of users of the modern library. The WWW Gateway guides researchers to titles and abstracts for hundreds of print, CD-ROM, online, and Internet resources. Titles are presented in a search strategy format to organize resources in a range from general to specific information. Links to search electronic and Internet resources are also provided. Workshops, staff intervention and instructional brochures are not needed. Evaluations from focus groups of undergraduates, library personnel, and classroom faculty have helped develop a research tool which helps researchers become independent information users.

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