When, Where, and What: Three Web-to-Database Applications for an Academic Environment


This paper highlights three successful Web-to-database applications developed at The University of Mississippi as part of the WWW-based campus information service: (1) a campus calendar, (2) a campus map, and (3) a course schedule. Each application utilizes separate mechanisms for the storage and presentation of information in a manner consistent with the Dexter hypertext model. A MiniSQL database is used for content storage, and dynamically generated Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is used for content presentation. Users benefit from a consistent, usable interface with a powerful search capability, and administrators see an improved environment for the ongoing maintenance and support of the information service. In the few months that these applications have been available, they have become indispensable resources to the UM campus community. They clearly illustrate the practical usefulness of Web-to-database technologies by providing efficient, universal access to a wide range of information.

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