Readin', Writin', Arithmetic, and Information Competency: Adding a Basic Skills Component to a University's Curriculum


Universities have long required that undergraduates master basic skills such as writing and math. Often part of general education curricula, these skills ensure student success within and beyond the academy. In the information age, information competency skills are becoming increasingly important. Librarians traditionally have been responsible for teaching library research skills through a variety of techniques. These approaches, however, need to be rethought as universities face the task of teaching students to use and evaluate information in the burgeoning electronic environment. This paper describes the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Information Across the Curriculum program. Similar to writing competency programs, this approach will require students to take a number of information intensive courses and necessitates a close partnership between librarians and teaching faculty in establishing requirements, integrating information skills into the curriculum, and evaluating outcomes.

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