Marney Morris on the Art of Interactive Software Design


Marney Morris is founder and president of Animatrix, a design and consulting company based in Palo Alto, California, since 1984. Animatrix created the first guided tour of the Macintosh, product rollouts for best sellers from Microsoft, Adobe, Lotus and Hewlett-Packard, company-wide information systems for The Limited and Domino's Pizza, online projects for News Corp, TCI, Chase, Nynex, AT&T and Kleiner Perkins. Other clients have included Clinique, Perot Systems and The Walt Disney Company. Recently, she founded the new company Sprocket Works, which pushes the state of the art of interactive design on the Web. Marney received a B.S. in animal physiology from UC Davis and a B.F.A. from Santa Cruz. She lectures at Stanford University and has been a speaker in the Toyota Lecture Series at the Art Center College of Design.

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