Panel - Global Approaches to Deploying Advanced Networks (Presented at Networking 2000)


As the United States debates whether an unregulated-competitive or a government-regulated model is the most expedient way to broadly deploy advanced networks, other nations are taking a "hands on" approach, some with dramatic results. This Webcast from the Networking 2000 conference features a panel discussion of speakers from Canada, Latin America and the United States. Panelists include: Heather Boyles, Director of Government and International Relations, Internet2; Dewayne Hendricks, CEO, Dandin Group; Robert Proulx, IMS Consultant; Jose Luiz Ribeiro-Filho, RNP General Coordinator, RNP-Brazilian Research Network; and Philip Webre, Senior Analyst, Microeconomic and Financial Studies Division, CBO, Congressional Budget Office.

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