Harnessing Technological Change to Serve a Changing Student Demography: Strategies for Integrating Asynchronous Teaching and Learning Approaches. Videoconference #2; The Pedagogy of Online Instruction: What Works and Why?


An existing and growing set of courses that deliver online instruction represent a rich resource for all who are joining this movement. Materials from a wide set of disciplines presented in a wide range of formats provide models we can learn from. Those new to online instruction need to know how to use advanced technologies to construct manageable courses promoting learning outcomes that meet our highest expectations.

Between November 2001 and April 2002, AN-MSI sponsored a series of six two-hour interactive videoconferences dealing with online instruction and the changing technology that supports the new culture of asynchronous teaching and learning. The series facilitated the dialogue and planning that is needed to move MSIs toward more effective use of innovative networking and telecommunications technology for distance-developed instruction. The series emphasizes the broad set of changes that are needed to launch successful online instruction that responds to the needs of a changing and culturally diverse student demography.

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