CALEA Panel Discussion


Webcast of CALEA Panel Discussion at the Internet2 Fall 2004 membership meeting.
CALEA is the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, initially passed in 1994. Under CALEA, providers of commercial voice services are required to engineer their networks in such a way as to assist law enforcement agencies in executing wiretap orders. Earlier this year, the FBI, Department of Justice, and Drug Enforcement Administration jointly petitioned the FCC (which is the federal agency designated to administer CALEA) to extend CALEA to include all Internet service providers. Thirteen higher education associations as well as ISP's, civil liberties groups, and other organizations filed negative responses to the petition, which remains under consideration at the FCC. This panel features speakers with a wide range of views, both pro and con, on the FCC petition, who will discuss both the technological and social aspects of expanding CALEA to cover digital services.

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