Song-Swap Networks Still Humming


A study conducted by the University of California at Riverside and the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis indicates that P2P traffic is not on the decline, contradicting other reports that suggested a decrease in file sharing after the recording industry began filing lawsuits against users of P2P networks. Unlike earlier studies, which typically measured traffic on the major P2P services, the new study monitored data packets on major Internet service providers and measured the percentage of all traffic that was for P2P services.Researchers said that based on their analysis of Internet traffic between August 2002 and January 2004, file sharing is not decreasing and remains a significant portion of all Internet traffic. Michalis Faloutsos, one of the researchers involved in the study, said users involved in file trading are increasingly trying to mask their activities. He noted that those involved in the new study are working to expose those who would hide their file trading and to provide an accurate picture of the level of file trading. Jonathan Zittrain of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School complimented the new study but noted that the recording companies' tactic of flooding networks with bogus files tends to skew the data.

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