University takes go-slow approach to VOIP


In upgrading its aging phone system, the University of San Francisco(USF) has opted for a system that offers traditional telephony technology as well as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service. The decision allows the university to provide traditional phone service in a predictable manner, moving to VoIP only as administrators are comfortable with the technology. Tracy Schroeder, CIO at USF, said that although her staff was excited about the possibility of moving to an entirely VoIP system, the more cautious approach has given them time to perform due diligence and business analysis, thereby avoiding the risk of "a failed VOIP implementation." Schroeder said the university will benefit from a having a much more reliable, modern system with needed redundancy. Initially, two new buildings on campus will feature VoIP phone service. In the future, however, as university officials gain confidence in the system, USF can migrate to a converged data and voice system "in areas where it makes sense and when it feels that the technology is fully mature," according to Schroeder. "We want to be at the middle of the pack," Schroeder said, "with mature, widely deployed technologies."

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