Academic Analytics: The Uses of Management Information and Technology in Higher Education



Since the 1980s, higher education has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on administrative technologies to improve access to information. Institutions implemented new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, data marts, data warehouses, and technologies to improve reporting. This study analyzes the outcomes at more than 380 higher education institutions. It looks at what the chosen strategies have accomplished, in what ways institutions use the data they collect, whether institutions are investing more resources in tools that enable them to collect and manipulate management information, and the degree to which information and analysis are being used to support institutional decision making.

Table of Contents
Entire Study Academic Analytics: The Uses of Management Information and Technology in Higher Education [PDF 1,283 KB]
  Foreword [PDF 81 KB]
Ch. 1 Executive Summary [PDF 93 KB]
Ch. 2 Introduction [PDF 72 KB]
Ch. 3 Project Design, Terminology, and Methodology [PDF 85 KB]
Ch. 4 The Academic Analytics Landscape [PDF 174 KB]
Ch. 5 Technology Landscape [PDF 237 KB]
Ch. 6 Uses of Academic Analytics on Campus [PDF 156 KB]
Ch. 7 Advanced Applications of Academic Analytics [PDF 219 KB]
Ch. 8 The Impact of Academic Analytics [PDF 159 KB]
Ch. 9 Academic Analytics in the Future of Higher Education [PDF 172 KB]
Appendix A Institutional Respondents to the Online Survey [PDF 51 KB]
Appendix B Interviewees in Qualitative Research [PDF 45 KB]
Appendix C References [PDF 42 KB]
Case Studies
University of Phoenix: Driving Decisions Through Academic Analytics [PDF 461 KB]
University of California, San Diego: Increasing Operational Efficiencies Through Business Process Redesign and Analytics [PDF 590 KB]
Online Supporting Materials
Key Findings [PDF 621 KB]
Roadmap [PDF 109 KB]
Survey Instrument [PDF 78 KB]

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