Identity Management in Higher Education: A Baseline Study Key Findings


These Key Findings describe the major discoveries of the ECAR research study called "Identity Management in Higher Education: A Baseline Study". This ECAR research study illuminates findings from a survey of identity management practices in higher education. In addition to exploring the adoption of identity management technologies, the study examines the importance institutions place on the benefits of identity management and their ability to deliver those benefits; the motivations that drive institutions to adopt identity management and the challenges they face; the policies and plans being prepared to support identity management; how identity management projects are organized and what resources and staff are dedicated to them; and the factors that influence good outcomes in identity management investment and capability. The study is based on a literature review, consultation with a select group of individuals representing organizations involved in identity management, survey responses from 403 higher education institutions, and qualitative interviews with 36 executives and IT personnel from 24 institutions. A corporate edition is available here.

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