IT Engagement in Research: A Baseline Study



This ECAR study explores the practices and perspectives of IT organizations that support the academic research enterprise. To collect, analyze, and distribute information across an expanding range academic disciplines and geographic locations, research efforts rely heavily on IT infrastructure, people, and a broad range of IT services. Ever-larger data sets are being collected and shared, simulations and visualization are becoming routine tools, and the co-evolution of science and computing increasingly requires scientists to have solid grounding in information management. This study reports the results of a variety of research initiatives: a literature review, quantitative and qualitative data from 328 higher education institutions (315 U.S. and 13 Canadian institutions), and five in-depth cases studies. In addition, ECAR published What Do Researchers Need? Higher Education IT from the Researcher's Perspective, to supplement this study.

Table of Contents
Entire Study IT Engagement in Research: A Baseline Study [PDF 2,290 KB]
  Foreword [PDF 86 KB]
Ch. 1 Executive Summary [PDF 100 KB]
Ch. 2 Introduction [PDF 69 KB]
Ch. 3 Methodology and Overview of Respondents [PDF 109 KB]
Ch. 4 The Rise of Data-Intensive Research [PDF 150 KB]
Ch. 5 The Research Landscape [PDF 209 KB]
Ch. 6 Research Infrastructure [PDF 224 KB]
Ch. 7 The Central IT Organization and Research [PDF 203 KB]
Ch. 8 The Central IT–Local IT Interface [PDF 239 KB]
Ch. 9 Central IT Engagement with Researchers [PDF 199 KB]
Ch. 10 Research IT at the Inflection Point [PDF 109 KB]
Ch. 11 Future of IT Engagement in Research [PDF 226 KB]
Appendix A Institutional Respondents to the Online Survey [PDF 53 KB]
Appendix B Interviewees in Qualitative Research [PDF 48 KB]
Appendix C References [PDF 81 KB]
Case Studies
Digital Humanities at the Crossroads: The University of Virginia [PDF 731 KB]
A New Model for Supporting Research at Purdue University [PDF 722 KB]
Calit2: A Case Study in a Next-Generation Research Environment [PDF 854 KB]
Supporting Research Computing Through Collaboration at Princeton University [PDF 1,244 KB]
A Collaborative IT Support Model for Research at Georgetown University [PDF 1,193 KB]
Online Supporting Materials
Key Findings [PDF 413 KB]
Roadmap [PDF 143 KB]
Survey Instrument [PDF 128 KB]


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