Leading the IT Workforce in Higher Education: Survey Instrument


This October 2007 survey is part of a study of leading the information technology (IT) workforce in higher education sponsored by the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR). Data from this survey will form the basis of a report designed to help universities and colleges position themselves in this important issue. Questions related to IT leadership and the IT workforce loom large among the concerns of higher education's leaders, in part because demographic data predict that there will not be enough skilled workers in the U.S. to meet demand and in part because many senior IT leaders are approaching retirement. As the workforce becomes more mobile and discerning, higher education faces a significantly more competitive environment for IT staff talent. This study will bring the findings of ECAR's 2004 study of IT leadership up to date and will explore new areas including recruitment and motivation of the IT workforce and generational differences in attitudes and expectations among IT professionals.

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