Going Green: The Vital Role of Community Colleges in Building a Sustainable Future and a Green Workforce


As America’s economy transforms itself into a green economy, community colleges – with their ability to turn on a dime to meet changing market conditions – will become increasingly important. America will need educated technicians whose skills can cross industry lines; those are community college graduates. We will need technicians who are able to learn new skills as technologies evolve; these are community college graduates. With the support of their local business partners, as well as state and federal governments, America’s community colleges will meet the demands of the green economy.

This report examines the growing role of community colleges in a low-carbon, clean energy
economy, and:

  • provides examples of innovative strategies and practices used by community colleges toaddress climate change, environmental stewardship, and green workforce development;
  • offers information on the fastest growing sectors and jobs in the clean energy/green economythat provide strategic opportunities for community colleges and their students;
  • stimulates the dialogue on the role of community colleges in creating a sustainable future

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