Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC): Lessons Learned and Deployment for Research Facilities


The Domain Name System Security Extensions, known as the DNSSEC, is a suite of IETF specifications for securing certain kinds of information provided by the DNS as used on IP networks. It is widely believed that deploying DNSSEC is critically important for securing the Internet as a whole, but deployment has been hampered by the difficulty of devising a backward-compatible standard that can scale to the size of the Internet and deploying DNSSEC implementations across a wide variety of DNS servers and resolvers (clients). This session will focus on the technical aspect and trends of implementing DNSSEC for industry and academia, as well as how .edu can signal to the rest of the Internet community that it will lead the way with deployment of DNS security extensions. Discussion on lessons that can be learned from the DNSSEC initiative in the .gov and .org domains will also be highlighted.

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