Tool Guide Series on DNSSEC Version 1 - February 2010


The intent of this document is to provide an overview of the DNSSEC-related Open Source tools and automation suites available in the industry to DNS operators who wish to DNSSEC-enable their operations and not as an endorsement of any particular tool. While the overview cannot be comprehensive due to the constant arrival of new tools and the ongoing improvement of existing tools, it still can serve as a general guide to the DNSSEC landscape at this time. It is meant to help DNS operators get a head start on implementing DNSSEC.

In addition to providing a list of tools, this document will provide a deeper review of the information on the use of the Open Source tools. The tools that receive a deeper review have been chosen based on their popularity, levels of community involvement, and other distinguishing characteristics. Certainly any tools that help with DNSSEC have merits of their own and DNS operators are fortunate to have so many choices, benefiting from the hard work of others that has gone into providing these valuable tools and the assistance that goes with the tools.

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