Mobile IT in Higher Education, 2011—Slide Presentation


In a very short time, mobile computing has become a fixture in many people’s lives, and the 2011 ECAR study of mobile IT investigates how this technology is being incorporated into higher education. The report is based on more than 200 responses to a survey conducted in July and August of 2011, and it provides a snapshot of the kinds of mobile initiatives colleges and universities have undertaken, directions that the community sees as potentially most valuable, and some of the factors affecting progress for mobile computing. Findings indicate that progress is uneven across higher education, with many institutions having not begun mobility efforts, while those that are actively working on mobile computing are focusing on integrated student services and applications for learning. Mobility initiatives are influenced by factors including money, staffing, and development strategy, though there is no single path to success.

Citation for this Work: Dobbin, Gregory, Eden Dahlstrom, and Mark C. Sheehan. Mobile IT in Higher Education, 2011—Slide Presentation (Slide Presentation). Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, December 2011, available from

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