7 Things You Should Know About IPv6


The rapid expansion in the use of the Internet, coupled with explosive growth in the number of devices that access it, has prompted development of a new protocol, IPv6. Apart from adding substantially to the number of available Internet addresses, IPv6 carries a number of other benefits that can streamline Internet traffic, simplify network administration, and possibly improve security. The Internet has already started its transition to IPv6, and each institution needs to conduct its own analysis and testing process to determine its readiness for IPv6. Universities will need short- and long-term plans for migrating to IPv6, along with requisite budgets and timetables, and should prepare to provide additional training. Universities should also anticipate that the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 will require the development of new policies. Even with the basic similarities between IPv4 and IPv6, the transition period is likely to be long, could be complicated, and will certainly consume staff and financial resources.

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