Teaching and Learning: Four Perspectives


Mobile Computing: A 5 Day Sprint—Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mobile Learning Today and Tomorrow - Judy Brown
In this session we will explore the status of mobile learning today, including options and opportunities. We'll also take a quick glimpse at the future of mobility and will provide resources for further exploration.

All of That and the Kitchen Sink: Mobility Initiatives at Virginia Tech - Jennifer Sparrow
This session will explore a decentralized approach to mobility and the successes and challenges Virginia Tech has faced as they've tried to keep up with student and faculty member demand for mobile technologies. We will explore university- and student-created apps that have been developed, courses on mobile development, and teaching and learning with mobile devices.

Mobility Matters: Providing Apps That Connect, Communicate, and Create - Kyle Bowen
This session will explore Purdue University's approach to providing mobile applications for use inside and outside the classroom. Examples will be focused on the unique aspects of mobile devices, and how they can provide students and faculty members with new capabilities that take advantage of the technology most common to students while laying the groundwork for new models of assessment.

iPads in Action: A Case Study - Lisa Young
This session explores a pilot project in which iPads were provided to students enrolled in four classes (journalism and English), distributed to key student-services departments (library, tutoring centers), and checked out to faculty members and staff. Learn how students responded to the use of iPads in their classes, the applications they accessed, and what Scottsdale Community College plans for the future in regard to mobile learning.

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