A "Plug-in" Approach to Information and Technology Services Strategy


The University Technology Council at Framingham State began developing new recommendations and proposed initiatives for updates to the University’s strategic plan in 2010.  The resulting 5 major recommendations and 25 proposed initiatives provide a coherent guide for Framingham State University’s strategic use of information, application of technology, and provision of related services beginning in 2011 through 2015.  A rigorous and custom designed process was used that borrowed from various best practices and consisted of primary and secondary research, information sharing and analysis from multiple points of view.  Each recommendation and proposed initiative "plugs into" a strategic imperative of the university (cultivation of academic programs of distinction, enrollment growth and student success, development and application of know-how, alliances for institutional advancement and educational partnerships, and development and stewardship of institutional and environmental resources).  The intent is to better align and integrate the strategic use of information and technology with these strategic imperatives in order to help further advance the overall mission of the institution.

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