Really Changing the Game


Presentation at the 2011 ECAR Symposium, July 28, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois. The foreseeable economics of higher education does not favor the historical “my campus as an island” paradigm of most colleges and universities. Rather than repeating the endless cycles of leading and lagging imitation among institutions, the economics and competitive forces necessitate a bold and very different multi-institutional approach that allies the best collaborators and demonstrates unprecedented agility to leverage opportunities. IT leaders can and must play a bolder role if they are to help their institutions thrive in a changing economy.

How to Cite This Work: Wheeler, Brad. “Really Changing the Game." Presentation at the 2011 EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research Symposium, Chicago, IL, July 28, 2011, available from http://www.educause.edu/ecar.

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