EDUCAUSE Ex Parte Notice for FCC USF Contribution Meeting (4/16/12)


Ex Parte Notice to the FCC from EDUCAUSE for filing in WC Docket No. 06-122. This letter regards the FCC review of the Universal Service Fund (USF) Contribution Methodology. The letter shares about a meeting that took place on April 13, 2012 to discuss this matter, and EDUCAUSE's desire to seek a "predictable, simple, equitable and long-lasting alternative mechanism [of collecting USF fees on interstate and international end-user telephone calls]." As a result of the meeting, EDUCAUSE further recommends that the "new USF contribution methodology be easy to understand, administered simply, accommodate technological progress, resist manipulation, gamesmanship, and subterfuge, rely on metrics readily and transparently accessible to direct contributors and to end users, and not introduce major new burdens disproportionate to the burden different users impose on the public network."

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