Gender Diversity among Higher Education CIOs


Women’s presence in the IT profession in general, and as top executives in particular, has been a theme garnering much attention over the past several years. At a time when women make up approximately 47% of the entire U.S. workforce, the 2012 Harvey Nash CIO Survey reported that women represent only 9% of the corporate CIO population, a proportion that has remained stubbornly stagnant for years. A mixed methods research study conducted in the fall of 2012 was designed to gather descriptive, demographic information on today’s higher education CIOs and to address the organizational-level elements contributing to women’s attainment of the CIO position in higher education IT organizations. The two main research questions framing the study were “What individual and organizational-level factors predict women’s presence as CIOs in higher education IT?” and “How do women CIOs in higher education IT explain the organizational-level factors that have contributed to their ability to attain the CIO position?”

Citation for this Work: Elizabeth Clark. Gender Diversity among Higher Education CIOs (Research Report). Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, September 2013, available from


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