Unified Communications in Higher Education: Responding to New Risks


New unified communications (UC) capabilities and the increased desire for richer collaboration experiences have led to a fundamental shift in the technology we use for communication. For many decades we have worked with and managed risks in a world where traditional telephone service was the primary method for voice communication. But in a UC world, the risks change. Understanding what the risks are, knowing who is responsible for them, and planning for them will help ensure a successful transition. This paper discusses issues such as survivability, privacy, discoverability, and emergency communications in a converged-communications environment. The paper is also meant to spur conversations with campus partners such as risk management, safety, and compliance officers—the people who ultimately assess and even make decisions based on risk and on the local, state, and federal regulations to which they are subject. In addition, it is intended to inform and bridge discussions with industry representatives who are necessary partners in this arena.

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