Aligning IT Funding Models to the Pace of Technology Change: Enabling Financial Flexibility for Core, Flexible, and Transformative Services


For many institutions, technology has become a strategic and mission-centric consideration. Yet most prevailing IT funding models are based on practices that do not reflect the changing landscape or the necessity of continuous investment. Even as new service and delivery models promise better technology with a higher ROI, many funding models restrict IT departments to spending on equipment and, less often, personnel. At a time when IT needs to be agile and flexible, financial resources are often stringently allocated and unavailable to assist institutions in transformational work. The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) brought together a group of high-level IT and finance leaders from a wide range of institutions to work together to understand how to better align IT funding models to the pace of technology change. The results of this collaboration between technology and business officers provide guidance and suggestions to help institutions make smart, informed decisions about their IT investments.

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