Higher Education Information Security Council Charter


The HEISC mission is to support higher education institutions as they improve information security governance, compliance, data protection, and privacy programs. HEISC accomplishes this work through volunteer groups supported by professional EDUCAUSE staff, as well as collaborations with other organizations that address information security and privacy in higher education. HEISC actively develops and promotes information security leadership, awareness, and understanding; effective practices and policies; and guidance for the protection of higher education data, IT assets, and infrastructure. HEISC focuses on four major activities: (1) revising and refining the HEISC Information Security Guide; (2) coordinating the Security Professionals Conference and other awareness events; (3) providing effective practices and guidance; and (4) fostering communication and networking within the community. 

For more details about current strategic priorities, visit www.educause.edu/heisc.

For more information about HEISC community groups and volunteer opportunities, visit www.educause.edu/security/volunteer.

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