Learning Data Privacy Principles and Recommended Practices Webinar


On December 6, 2016, the EDUCAUSE Cybersecurity Initiative and ECAR Working Groups presented an informal webinar with Jim Williamson (UCLA) and Jim Phillips (UCSC) on the University of California Learning Data Privacy Principles and Recommended Practices.

 The growth and impact of learning data and analytics has emerged as a factor in all aspects of education, and the collection, research, and analysis of this learning data holds promise for new insights into the learning process. While the data generated by faculty and students can be used to improve our understanding of institutional and instructional issues, this information is also a valuable asset to be governed–-especially with the potential to commoditize and commercialize the data.

 The University of California’s Educational Technology Leadership Committee drafted the UC Learning Data Privacy Principles and Recommended Practices to assist campuses and service providers gather, store, and protect this data using ethical and secure measures. This webinar will allow participants to learn about the ideas and motivations behind these principles and provide community input on the draft.

 To request a copy of the draft principles, please contact [email protected]


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