OpenPGP: Technology Spotlight


OpenPGP is a nonproprietary encryption suite that uses public key encryption to exchange e-mail messages and files (either e-mail attachments or files that might be exchanged via other means, e.g., web-based transfers) between individuals within and across institutions. OpenPGP can also secure files stored on mobile devices or in the cloud. OpenPGP permits the exchange of encrypted and/or authenticated e-mail messages between collaborating partners in higher education or elsewhere.

This bulletin is one of a series of papers designed to help institutional leaders learn about and understand the implications of emerging technologies in higher education. These technologies have been identified as the least familiar technologies in the ECAR report Higher Education’s Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2016. Other papers and related resources are available at the research hub for Higher Education’s Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2016.

Citation for this Work: Connelly, Ken, and Brian Epstein. OpenPGP: Technology Spotlight. Research bulletin. Louisville, CO: ECAR, May 5, 2016.

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