Developing No-Cost Resources for Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Response and Prevention


College professionals across the country are discussing sexual and interpersonal violence on campus. The issue is complicated and many companies offer to sell "solutions." SUNY, on the other hand, isn't trying to sell anything: we are giving accurate and compliant resources away, no strings attached.

In 2015, SUNY launched two resources, the Sexual Assault and Violence Response (SAVR) resource and the Visa and Immigration resource.

SAVR provides on-demand on-campus, community, and statewide resources to victims, keeping their identity confidential. It is a mobile resource available even when students don't have their laptop or student handbook around. SAVR comes with a toolkit to help large or small institutions develop a similar resource that includes sample code.

The visa resource goes a step beyond to detail specific rights available to international and immigrant victims of violence. The resource was intended to comply with VAWA requirements and Title IX guidance and provides questions and answers in plain language. It comes with a system to automatically translate campus-specific information into dozens of languages.

The sites' designers will discuss them, describe how to develop them at no cost beyond time, and answer questions. Please invite your Title IX and student affairs colleagues to attend.

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