Building Data Refuge: From Bucket Brigade to Sustainable Action


This session was presented at the CNI Spring 2017 Membership Meeting

Beginning late in 2016, a large collaborative group of volunteers began to work together to back up vulnerable climate and environmental data at events around the country. In this panel, key organizers of this endeavor will discuss the Data Rescue events, the workflow that was developed to support these distributed activities, and some of the challenges encountered. They will also describe the emerging collaborative effort to move towards a more sustainable model, bringing together public participation, research libraries, and the open data community. To be successful, such a model will need to draw on the long-standing commitment from the library community to support digital preservation and access to federal data, as well as on more recent partnerships that we are forming with members of the open data movement in response to the urgency of the current situation and the myriad challenges of preserving access to these complex sources.

Presentation (Eke)

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