HEISC Webinar: Chapter 2: Too Legit to Quit: How to Avoid Making Legitimate Campus Messages Look Phishy


With phishing attacks becoming more sophisticated and increasingly successful, we can’t simply rely on educating end users. How do we avoid making legitimate campus messages look phishy? How do we keep email a reliable channel for campus communications? And what are the tools or methods available to supplement our anti-phishing training campaigns on campus? This webinar will offer lessons learned, as well as the pros and cons of viable strategies for creating well-crafted messages that look legitimate. Attendees will be encouraged to share effective communication approaches they’ve used to successfully supplement a phishing awareness campaign on their campus.

Note: This is one of two phishing webinars developed by the HEISC Awareness and Training Working Group. If you missed the Chapter 1 presentation from April 2017, you can review the recording, slides, and chat transcript: https://library.educause.edu/resources/2017/4/heisc-webinar-chapter-1-getting-your-campus-ready-for-a-phishing-awareness-campaign

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