Enterprise IT includes the technology staff, services, and support associated with administrative systems and services, as well as their strategy, management, budgets, and policy. It primarily serves an administrative focus rather than one of academics or research. Enterprise IT also includes many of the systems and services that colleges and universities use to store and manage data and processes, regardless of whether they are hosted on campus, in the cloud, or through shared services. Because of its emphasis on core organizational business activities and its function as a data repository and integrator, enterprise IT is central to the success of higher education.


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  • A Shift in Focus: Preparing for a Service-Centric Future

    A Shift in Focus: Preparing for a Service-Centric Future

    Higher education thought leaders from information technology, business operations, and finance met in May 2016 to discuss the changing nature of higher education IT, the forces behind the changes, and how they can collaborate to prepare their colleges and universities for a future more focused on the provision of services than on the technology and applications behind those services.

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